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What is RAsaga?

RAsaga is a platform that operates in 25 different countries and serves over 30 industries, consisting of a wide range of professionals in c-level, managerial, and specialist positions. It enables businesses to conduct survey research, providing access to an extensive database for comprehensive analysis. With both qualitative and quantitative studies, RAsaga offers tailor-made solutions to its clients.

Through the input of scientific knowledge, RAsaga helps keep your customers away from risks and uncertainties, thereby increasing their efficiency. Our expert data analysis team meticulously evaluates your data and provides you with real-time insights. We present our analysis methods, processes, and the benefits we offer to our clients clearly, considering the potential customers’ needs and research results.

SPSS Based Analysis and Interpretation

Our team of experts in the field conducts a detailed evaluation of your data using advanced data analysis techniques. With our statistical analysis, we ensure that your data yields meaningful insights. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business, we assist you in making strategic decisions.

Thematic Analysis and Interpretation

Our specialized team analyzes your data within the framework of topics and themes. By identifying important trends and patterns in your data, we contribute to the development of your business’s future marketing strategies. We provide detailed information on customer preferences, competition analysis, product development, and other relevant subjects to help you stand out in the market.

Strategic Analysis and Interpretation

Our experienced team assists you in developing strategies aligned with your business goals. We analyze your internal and external factors, evaluate market conditions, and provide strategic recommendations to enhance your competitive advantage. This way, we optimize your business performance and contribute to achieving sustainable growth.

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c-level executives, managers, and expert professionals

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Scientific Analysis

At RAsaga, we analyze business data using scientific methods. Our expert teams examine and interpret your data using advanced analysis techniques and SPSS-based tools. By doing so, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, supporting your strategic decision-making process.

Survey Studies

At RAsaga, we have a broad network of experts operating in 25 different countries and spanning over 30 industries. Thanks to this network, we offer comprehensive survey research opportunities. We provide support at every step, from survey design to data collection, and analyze the gathered data accurately and effectively to provide you with valuable insights.

Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

At RAsaga, we have a specialized team in both qualitative and quantitative studies. By complementing your data with numerical and qualitative analysis, we offer solutions tailored to your business needs. This way, you can better understand your customers’ demands and enhance your business strategies.

Scope of Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis: Thematic analysis is a method used to make complex data sets more understandable and meaningful. It helps us delve into your business’s data and identify common themes, patterns, and trends. Thematic analysis is frequently used for evaluating qualitative data, such as texts, interviews, and focus groups. By systematically analyzing information obtained from qualitative data sources, we reveal important topics and patterns in your data set. This analysis method enables you to gain a better understanding of your data and make informed decisions.

At RAsaga, we follow the steps below during the thematic analysis process:

Data Preparation: We meticulously prepare the data obtained from your business. We organize and format texts, interviews, or other sources for analysis.

Coding: We use thematic coding methods to systematically analyze the data. We identify important topics in the data set and label them with codes.

Identification of Themes: After the coding process, we compile the codes to identify common themes and patterns. These themes highlight important topics and trends in your data.

Analysis and Interpretation: We conduct in-depth analysis of the identified themes, evaluating them in line with your business goals and needs. We present our findings to you in a clear manner, supporting your strategic decision-making process.

RAsagaQualitative and Quantitative StudiesRAsaga

At RAsaga, we have a specialized team in both qualitative and quantitative studies. By complementing your data with numerical and qualitative analysis, we offer solutions tailored to your business needs. This way, you can better understand your customers' demands and enhance your business strategies.

Customer Needs

Survey research is a valuable source for understanding customer expectations and preferences. Through these studies, insights about customer needs, satisfaction levels, and demands are gained. Such research enables companies to develop their products and services according to customer expectations.


Conducting unique surveys allows you to identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses. These surveys provide information about customer preferences, brand perception, and competitive advantages. This unique analysis helps in making strategic decisions to gain a competitive edge.


Surveys are used to understand the market's size, segmentation, target audience profile, and market trends. These unique market research helps companies to focus better on their target markets, develop marketing strategies, market size development and evaluate new market opportunities in the industry.

Product and Service Development

Customer feedback plays a significant role in the process of product and service development. It provides valuable insights for improving and enhancing existing products and services. Developments based on customer demands and needs increase customer satisfaction and help you stay ahead in the competition.

Brand Image and Customer Loyalty

This research is utilized to assess brand image and customer loyalty. It collects feedback on customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and brand awareness. These data assist companies in refining their brand strategies and strengthening customer relationships.