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Social Responsibility

Adding Value to the Community and Supporting a Sustainable Future

Education and Youth Development: Education is a crucial element for the development and future of society. Therefore, we participate in various projects to support the education of young people. Our aim is to increase access to educational opportunities for young people through activities such as providing materials and resources to schools, scholarships, and educational programs.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability: We make efforts to conserve natural resources, raise environmental awareness, and promote sustainability. We participate in recycling projects, implement energy efficiency measures, and encourage eco-friendly practices. Additionally, we organize informative events to create awareness about environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Supporting Community Needs: We show sensitivity to the needs of society by supporting disadvantaged groups. Through activities such as making donations to social aid organizations, providing food and clothing assistance, and contributing to local projects, we promote social solidarity.

Health and Human Welfare: We focus on projects aimed at health and human welfare for a healthy community. By supporting healthcare institutions, organizing health screenings, and running informative campaigns to raise awareness about healthy living, we contribute to the health and welfare of society.

Volunteering and Awareness: We encourage our employees to engage in volunteering activities and support their participation in volunteer projects. Additionally, we effectively use social media and other communication channels to create awareness in the field of social responsibility.