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Inspira7 designs personalized and unique marketing strategies for businesses based on data analysis and scientific foundations, harmonizing artificial intelligence-based approaches with its own developed synthesis sciences applications in Lead Generation campaigns, aligned with the expectations of the target market.

With our innovative strategies, we increase Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) in every targeted area. Analyzing your target markets and customers with the support of our artificial intelligence tools, we develop tailored strategies to generate concrete leads that align with your goals and expectations.

Lead Analytics: Utilizing our cloud-based service, Lead Analytics, we conduct behavioral analyses of the target customer audience on social media platforms. This enables us to prepare various scenarios, such as campaign scenarios, content scenarios, quick result-oriented market selections, and demographic audience identification, that will yield the best performance.


Lead Analytics

We optimize your marketing strategies and expand your customer base by analyzing comprehensive data about your customers.

Data Analytics

We do in-depth market analyzes for potential customer discovery

Synthesis Sciences

We determine the behavior patterns of your customers with synthetic science-based analysis

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a marketing strategy used to attract potential customers, gather information about your brand, and convert them into customers. The lead generation process typically involves potential customers providing their name, surname, email address, phone number, and other specific information. These details are then stored in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and can be used to directly communicate with and convert these potential customers into customers. Lead generation is a widely used marketing strategy in many industries and plays a significant role in the customer acquisition process.

We enable you to achieve higher conversion rates from potential customers
We help you achieve higher results with fewer resources
We increase the visibility of your brand
We help you open up new markets by improving your marketing strategies
We expand your market share and help you stand out in the competition

01Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral analysis involves using scientific methods and artificial intelligence-based approaches to understand the relationships between human and societal behaviors in target markets.

02Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is conducted using artificial intelligence-based approaches to examine competitors' strategies and identify opportunities and threats to improve one's business performance.

03Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis encompasses the analysis of competitors' behaviors, market sizes, marketing efforts, and interactions in the digital world using scientific methods.

04Market Analysis

Market analysis is a process that helps a business determine its position in the market by analyzing the market where a product or service is offered, its needs, potential customers, and competitors using scientific methods.

How do we provide value to you?

With data-driven marketing solutions equipped with artificial intelligence-based features and synthesis science approaches, we lead the way in helping you achieve your goals in every area you need.
We improve your sales and increase turnover
We increase your brand awareness, we enable it to open up to new markets
We enable you to acquire potential new customers, accelerate your sales conversions
We develop sustainable marketing strategies with new generation marketing approaches

With Inspira7’s next-generation marketing approaches, get to know your target audience so well that you can offer them things they didn’t even know they needed.

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