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New Generation
Digital Marketing SolutionsInspira7

We provide unique and sophisticated solutions to companies aiming to increase their market size, enhancing their sales and providing them with significant marketing power.

01Lead Generation

We increase your potential customer count by harmonizing synthesis science applications and artificial intelligence-based approaches with the methods we have developed.

02Demand Generation

We analyze the behaviors in target markets using next-generation methods, and develop precise and unique strategies to drive your growth in the market.

03Performance Marketing

We design the most accurate digital marketing strategies according to your target markets and goals. We achieve high performance in every field and ensure your growth.

04Content Marketing

We generate unique and high-quality content by analyzing the behavior of your target markets and audience, aligning with their interests and behaviors.
Vecdi Çimen - FounderWe offer digital marketing solutions that shape the future of your brand!

Inspira7 is a powerful force that goes beyond traditional methods, shaping the future with digital marketing services and solutions that encompass SaaS and PaaS platforms. It enhances your market size, potential sales, and brand awareness.

Next Generation E-Commerce

Next Generation
E-Commerce SolutionsE-Ticaret

We offer comprehensive solutions that encompass end-to-end e-commerce website setup, basket size enhancement, increased sales volume, performance marketing, and social media advertising.

Next Generation SolutionsSynthesis Sciences Marketing

We offer customized marketing solutions that leverage artificial intelligence-based algorithms and data obtained from analyzes developed through synthesis science methodologies.
Artificial Intelligence Based Analysis

Artificial Intelligence Based Analysis

Personalized marketing solutions with target audience analysis

Artificial Intelligence Based Analysis

Export Oriented Marketing

Export Oriented Marketing

Solutions that will enable you to grow in international markets

Export Oriented Marketing

NFT Marketing Solutions

NFT Marketing Solutions

NFT-focused new generation marketing solutions

NFT Marketing Solutions

Neuromarketing Oriented Analysis

Neuromarketing Oriented Analysis

Reports created based on the behavior of target markets

Neuromarketing Oriented Analysis

Metaverse Based Solutions

A World Transcending Boundaries of Communication: Metaverse

The rapidly changing digital era has surpassed the conventional limits of communication, work, and entertainment. The time has come to embrace the next-gen solutions based on the Metaverse! Our Metaverse-based solutions unlock the doors to a new world for you. We provide Metaverse-based communication solutions, offering a unique experience. The business world and communication are pushing their boundaries and progressing rapidly towards the future. Now, there is no need to be limited by traditional methods of communication or work. This is precisely where our Metaverse-based solutions come into play, opening the doors to a new world for you.
Virtual Event Spaces100%
Virtual Training Halls100%
Virtual Conferences and Fairs100%


Over 14 years of digital marketing and e-commerce experience


Premium partnership with over 25 tools and platforms


Digital marketing consultancy in more than 30 industries


Unique and successful services to more than 60 companies

Strategic Lead Generation Analysis

Leadmagna offers you the data needed to create customized strategies by analyzing digital target audiences worldwide with a high level of detail at every level. By identifying the brands, topics, events, or influencers that are important to you, it measures the interests and affinities of your target audience. By analyzing the digital interactions, browsing journeys, and content consumption of billions of individuals in compliance with GDPR, it helps you develop strategies based on real consumer insights.

Leadmagna: Analytical Structure Powered by Synthetic Sciences

Leadmagna transforms users’ past actions and behaviors on social media into a powerful source of insights, providing you with comprehensive data.

Using the synthesis of sciences and advanced statistical methods, Leadmagna conducts the most comprehensive analyses. It presents you with a complete picture to determine real affinities, values, and behavioral tendencies. This allows you to better understand your brand and discover new ways to connect with your target audience.

The data obtained from Leadmagna’s analyses helps you create personalized strategies. By understanding the specific interests, values, and behaviors of your target audience, you can design your marketing campaigns more effectively. Establish a more meaningful connection with your customers based on real consumer opinions and affinities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Take a leap forward in the digital world with Leadmagna and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Reach your target audience more effectively and use the right channels to influence them with data-driven strategies. Optimize the customer journey and increase sales based on real consumer behaviors.

Leadmagna provides you with the data-driven strategies you need to excel in digital marketing. Understand and influence your target audience better with tailored analyses and reports designed to meet your specific needs. Identify the most valuable customers for your business and establish connections with them.

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Achieve success with customized strategies
Reach customers with data-driven approaches
Invest in future marketing models
Increase your market share with strategic steps
Get ahead of the competition

You can make a difference in e-commerce with our Robotic Process Automation solutions, follow your competitors closely and develop competitive and unique strategies. Inspira7 RPA completes product price comparison from targeted sites in a short time.

Inspira7 ProductsRobotic Process AutomationRPA

It queries and generates reports on product-based prices on e-commerce websites. It finds the prices of products in the specified category and name on e-commerce sites and marketplaces, exports them to Excel, and sends them to you via email.

It searches the websites of other retailers using your robot product list to find the prices of the products you specify. The desired product categories for comparison, including brand name and product name, are retrieved from a pre-prepared Excel file and searched on the relevant retailer’s website.

All products’ names and prices are extracted and exported to Excel, categorized accordingly. The results of the comparison are then communicated to the relevant individual(s) via an informative email. This helps optimize your competitor analysis processes by relieving your operational burden.


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Reach your goals in a short time with new generation digital marketing solutions!

Istiklal Street. Beyoğlu Business Center, No.187/147 K.2, Turkey


Achieve your goals in no time with our next-generation digital marketing solutions!

Mihail Kogalniceanu 77 of 7, Chisinau, Moldova

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